MackieHM 800 Headphone Amplifier

MackieHM 800 Headphone Amplifier

The MackieHM 800 Headphone Amplifier

Are you looking for a high-quality headphone amplifier that can handle multiple channels and provide crystal-clear sound? Look no further than the MackieHM 800 Headphone Amplifier. With its 8-channel design and a range of features, this amplifier is perfect for professional studios, live sound applications, and more.

Key Features

8-Channel Design

The MackieHM 800 features 8 independent channels, allowing you to connect multiple audio sources and provide individual headphone outputs for each channel. This makes it perfect for multi-musician recording sessions or live performances where each performer needs their own mix.

Discrete Main Stereo Inputs

With 2 discrete main stereo inputs and separate level control, the MackieHM 800 gives you the flexibility to mix and control your audio sources with precision. Whether you’re mixing multiple instruments or playback devices, this amplifier has you covered.

LED Metering

Each channel on the MackieHM 800 is equipped with a 7-segment LED meter, allowing you to easily monitor the signal level for each headphone output. This ensures that you can maintain the perfect audio levels for your performers or listeners.

Multiple Headphone Outputs

With 2 headphone outputs per channel, the MackieHM 800 can accommodate a large number of listeners or performers. Whether you’re running a recording session with multiple musicians or providing a mix for a live audience, this amplifier can handle the job.

Independent Aux Inputs

In addition to the main stereo inputs, the MackieHM 800 also features 8 independent Aux inputs, giving you even more flexibility for connecting audio sources. This allows you to easily integrate additional devices into your setup without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the MackieHM 800 handle high-impedance headphones?

A: Yes, the MackieHM 800 is designed to work with a wide range of headphone impedances, ensuring compatibility with most professional headphones on the market.

Q: Is the MackieHM 800 rack-mountable?

A: Yes, the MackieHM 800 comes with rack ears, allowing you to easily mount it in a standard 19-inch rack for convenient and secure installation.

Q: Can I use the MackieHM 800 for live sound applications?

A: Absolutely! The MackieHM 800 is perfect for live sound setups, providing multiple headphone outputs and independent level control for each channel.


The MackieHM 800 Headphone Amplifier is a versatile and powerful solution for anyone in need of a high-quality headphone amplifier. With its 8-channel design, discrete main stereo inputs, LED metering, and multiple headphone outputs, this amplifier is perfect for professional studios, live sound applications, and more. Whether you’re a recording engineer, live sound technician, or music enthusiast, the MackieHM 800 has the features and performance you need.